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Depositing records of individual ministry

The records of the ministry of pastors, special ministry pastors, and missionaries, are integral to understanding the story of the LCANZ. In general, the records you deposit will be added to the ‘personal papers’ series under your name. Exceptions are where the item is a specific collection item (eg an artefact, photograph or register), or where it is a record that fills a gap in synod or congregation records – eg copies of minutes.

If you would like to deposit the records from your or your family member’s life as a pastor, SMP or missionary, we ask that you contact us first to talk about the material and the processes involved in depositing. A list of the items to be considered, including dates and context will help this process.

what should be deposited


In addition to the Congregation Register, some Pastors choose to keep their own register to record the baptisms, confirmations, marriages and burials that they conduct throughout the entirety of their ministry.

Other registers include service details: location, date, sermon, attendances etc.

Both of these can be deposited as unique records of your ministry.

ministry milestones

  • Certificates of ordination, graduation, higher degrees
  • Call correspondence
  • Service orders of installations, farewells, and anniversaries
  • Sermons from significant services or events (e.g. installations, farewells, anniversaries in the life of the church)
  • Photographs (selected, labelled and identified) – student days, graduation, ordination, installations, farewells, anniversaries, selected personal photos (e.g. wedding, family), congregational life, churches, confirmation classes etc.

Original written works and publications

Items that you have authored including:

  • Bibliography of articles, papers, books, or commentaries
  • Papers or theses from theological studies
  • Original songs and hymns
  • (Selected) original worship materials (e.g. Bible study series)
  • Papers or articles published in non-LCA sources (i.e. overseas journals)
  • Original artwork (particularly if related to ministry)

Please note only a representative sampling of sermons can be accepted.

Working documents and artefacts

  • Correspondence, working documents relating to pastoral work
  • Vestments, stoles, doctoral hoods etc – considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on sampling present in our collection.
  • Artefacts – considered on a case-by-case basis. (Does it tell a significant story? Does it reveal something important or unique about your life or ministry?)

Biographical Material

This includes items that tell who you are, and how you went about your ministry.

  • Memoirs, recounts, reflections, obituaries/funeral service orders
  • Interviews about life and ministry
  • Diaries and journals (especially if containing details of pastoral acts)


Records belonging to church organisations

You might have records that were generated from a church entity (eg a congregation or committee) These should be transferred to the Archives – but check with us first if we already have copies.

  • Congregation or parish records – minutes, reports, significant correspondence, photographs, anniversary booklets/service orders
  • Minutes, reports, key correspondence etc of LCANZ national or district committees, boards, commissions, or departments

Sample some stories

FKG Blaess

Gottlieb Blaess – Missionary to the Māori

When 29-year-old theological student Gottlieb Blaess returned from his Christmas holidays in the winter of 1893, he found a letter waiting for him: a call from the Hermannsburg Free Church to serve as missionary in New Zealand.

Kriewaldt family, early 1900s

Emma Kriewaldt – Diary of a Pastor’s Wife

At the age of 23, Emma Kriewaldt nee Eberlein moved from Shawano, Wisconsin, USA to Lobethal in South Australia with her husband Emil Kriewaldt, an LCMS pastor who had been called to serve in Australia.

Daniel Heinrich Christian Busch, stone mason, Wanderbuch

Two German tradesmen and their Wanderbücher

These Wanderbücher document the journeyman travels of two German tradesmen: stone mason Daniel Heinrich Christian Busch and carpenter Friedrich Johann Christian Juers.

Lutheran Archives is located on Kaurna Country. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this Country and the Traditional Owners of the lands that have been documented or referenced in our collection throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. We acknowledge their continuing connection to and care of Country, Culture and Community. We pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that names, records and images of deceased persons occur within our collection.