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Depicting the people, the places, and the ministries of the LCANZ, the visual collection contains images of:

    • Church buildings: including foundation stone laying, dedications, anniversaries, internal and external views of churches or halls.
    • Congregation people and events: including celebrations; special services – Christmas, Harvest Thanksgiving, Confirmations; guilds and auxiliaries including women’s, men, youth, Sunday School, choirs, sporting groups, literary societies; mission or outreach events eg Sunday School picnics, fetes.
    • Celebrations and commemorations: of milestones of the synod or church.
    • Global Lutheran events: for example Lutheran World Federation conventions, Reformation celebrations.
    • Missions: in New Guinea, Central Australia, Queensland, South Australia, India.
    • Pastors, missionaries: and their wives and families.
    • Schools and school life: students, classrooms, school grounds, school activities.
    • Synodical conventions: delegates, speakers, venues and themes.
    • Youth, Women, and Men’s auxiliaries: including guilds, rallies, retreats and conventions.


Each image in our collection is identified by a unique catalogue number (e.g. P01412 02682).

The first half of the catalogue number (e.g. P01412) refers to the box (P014) and page (12) where the original photograph is stored.

The box number includes a prefix denoting the original format of the image:

  • ALBUM = Photograph Albums
  • GPN = Glass Plate Negatives and Lantern Slides
  • M = Mounted photographs on card
  • OS = Oversized photographs
  • P = Photographs: black & white, sepia, colour, postcards
  • S = Slides

The second half is the individual image number.

If you know the catalogue number of a specific image you are looking for, you can enter the image number into the catalogue search below.


Requesting Images

You can request higher resolution copies of images for personal use by emailing us at lutheran.archives@lca.org.au or by completing a Collection Material Request.

Fees of $8 per image apply. Note that images for personal use will be watermarked and not suitable for publication.

If you would like to publish an image from the Lutheran Archives collection, please contact us directly to apply for Permission to Publish (additional fees apply). Unwatermarked, high resolution images can be supplied for this purpose.

When requesting images, please provide the full catalogue number (e.g. P01412 02682) and the caption of the image you would like to order. Requested scans will be provided digitally in JPEG format.

All Lutheran Archives images should be cited with their full catalogue numbers (e.g. Lutheran Archives, P01412 02682).

photo identification and take-down

If you can identify someone in our collection who has not yet been identified in the caption, please let us know – we would love for names to be recorded so that others may easily search our photographs for that person in the future. Please send us an email at lutheran.archives@lca.org.au with the photograph details (box and photo number) and identification details. 

If you see an image in our collection which you would like taken down for privacy or cultural / personal sensitivity reasons, please send us an email at the above address so that we can work with you to take the image down. 


Search the photographic collection

Search images

Step 1: search the catalogue of photograph descriptions by entering your search terms in the field below. You can download these results as a PDF for you to save or print, or you can read on the screen.

Step 2. You have the option to view a low-resolution preview of the image by clicking the ‘view the image’ icon next to the caption. This will open the preview PDF for that particular box of photographs (e.g. P019). Previews are currently available for the P and M series only. You will need to scroll through to locate the relevant page and photograph number. Please be aware that the image captions within these PDFs contains wording that may cause harm: it is the language of the time of the image or in use when originally captioning the photographs. Language has been remediated in the catalogue search function.

Please note that there are no previews currently available for the slide collection, albums and glass plate negatives. We are working on this! 

Caution: Please be aware that there may be images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

See above for how to request copies of images for personal use or publication.

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Lutheran Archives is located on Kaurna Country. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this Country and the Traditional Owners of the lands that have been documented or referenced in our collection throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. We acknowledge their continuing connection to and care of Country, Culture and Community. We pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that names, records and images of deceased persons occur within our collection.

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